Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cool creepy adverts! A must see!

You remember that game called "Alan Wake" that I used as research not long ago?

Well cheeck out this amazingly clever adverts, using light to sell an idea.

Clearly here, the poster is placed on a building where it can match the way the sun rises and sets. It's basically a sun dial. It also suggests that when the sun sets, you will die. Very creepy!

This advert is clever. A light surrounded by a casing that controls its direction is placed at the bottom of the poster. At night, the light turns on. The light glows on to the poster, and creates the shape of a coffin! CREEEEEPY

Again, this is an example of clever lighting, used in a way to send out a message to an audience. People forget how useful lighting can be, and I want to make sure that I try and use it in interesting ways for my work.

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