Friday, 15 October 2010

Environment Design

Here are some Photoshop drawings I have drawn of the house and the bedroom:

(Sorry this is a little pixelated, I wanted to show it fairly big so you can see the detail.)
Above is a panning shot from the roof of the house to the window of the bedroom. I used my own house for some reference. We have a pipe that runs down the house like that, and I figured this would be a good way for the monster to climb down to the window.

Here's a shot from a mid level camera angle of the bed looking away from the wondow. That's "meant" to be a mirror on that chest of drawers. The lamp is subject to change if I design a good lantern toy to replace it. The carpet is designed to lead the eye to the bed (hopefully the stripes cause this to happen) The same can also be said about the duvet too.

This is a slightly better wide shot of the bedroom. I included a dolls house and monster toy, which are meant to resemble the house this scene takes place, and a slightly friendlier version of the monster in this story. He is meant to slightly resemble Sully from Monsters Inc.

The cupboard is to the left of the bed through that door. I wanted it to look like a fairly unassuming passage to somewhere, which would turn out to be a place where someone could hide (for one of my ideas for the story)

The kite on the wall is taken from one of the bedroom photos I found in my research. It is meant to look sinister in the dark.

The trunk is there as a "step" for the monster to climb from the window.

I will probs add a few more toys to this scene. I will need to think how the textures will tie in to this idea if this is going to be made in 3D.

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