Friday, 22 October 2010

Progress with pitch so far...

Okay, well I think I'm roughly under half way through my animatic, which is pretty good, but I still have a fair bit to do. I've been editing it in Final Cut Pro, which hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would.

I was fortunate enough to come up with a few ideas for my girl character whilst at the Gym today. I was watching the tv thats inbuilt into some of the machines. As I was watching the Gymnastics on channel 2, I realized that this would be a great skill for my girl character to have to rival the monster's strength. Her dexterity and agility would definitely be good enough to concur the monster.

It may be tough to animate, but it would certainly add a spark to the girl's character.

I also originally had the girl use a yoyo as a weapon, but I was inspired to change this weapon to a skipping rope. It is a lot more girly, and would probably pack more punch.

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