Monday, 20 September 2010

Research - Bedrooms

I figured this would be a good time to look at different children's bedrooms, and see if I can get any inspiration on how my character's bedroom should be styled. Here's some real life examples I found on Google images:

Photo 1: Nice contrast of green and red. Not sure about blind though. Train bed (?) is cute, but maybe too complex and distracting to the eye for my project. I want the focus to be the characters.

Photo 2: Very modern, maybe a little too angular. Doesn't give the nice homely atmosphere I'm looking for. Too neat. No colour either.

Photo 3: Again nice contrast of colours. Shapes all seem to work nicely here. Sloping in ceiling helps lead eye to pillow area. Reflection will help create creepy atmosphere? Maybe more toys added would help suggest this is definitely a kids room

Photo 4: Nice patterns. Having pictures extremely close to pillows makes that area feel very closed in. Good thing? Perhaps a bit to chaotic and busy, looking. Colour scheme not refined enough

Photo 5: I really like this one. Bed maybe too high. Fairly simple composition. Maybe could do with a little more character.

Photo 6: Another nice one, though I'm not sure whether I like the contrasting walls. Bit too much. Don't like the use of red that much either. Bed looks too much like a hospital bed too.

Photo 7: Not sure about the bunk bed. May over-complicate matters (animating boy going up and down). Ingenious climbing wall for getting into bed, though. Great idea. Kite reminds me of the evil clown bed from the Simpsons. Might look creepy at night time, which will be perfect for my idea!

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