Thursday, 30 September 2010

Research - How To Cope With Death

Here's an old animation I saw when I was in my Foundation Diploma year at Ravensbourne College. It's another animation that I haven't seen in a little while, that really impressed me. I had trouble tracing it, but with the help of my good pal Michelle Vinall, we managed to find it! Here it is!

This animation was created by a company called "Tandem", who are coincidentally the same people behind one of my favourite series of animations called "Simon's Cat". They have done many other fantastic pieces of work, and I must say this one is one of the most detailed and shocking.

The animation is absolutely stunning throughout. The use of composition, posing and camera shots really help to tell the story. Some noticeable moments include the melodic rocking of the woman in comparison to the calculating Death, the secondary animation of the white streak as Death moves, and the back rest of the destroyed rocking chair becoming Death's gravestone. Very poignant.

The colours are interesting in this one, though. At first the colours are putrid yellows, which to me suggest cowardice and caution, then when the old lady awakens and fights back, the fire of the tv creates an angry red colour, which reflects the fury of Death. The animation ends with with green shades, to give a neutral safe atmosphere in comparison to the early fear and chaos.

What I love about this fantastic tale is the complete switch in control of the situation. At first we are led to believe that Death will silence his victim with ease, but the sudden energy the old woman displays really makes for a fantastic twist in the plot. I hava given it some though, and I have decided that this is something I would like to have in my story. The dramatic twist in control.

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