Friday, 24 September 2010

Sketchdump 01

Here's some preliminary sketches I have done of the main characters, based on some of my early ideas for the story.

I havent done many design ideas for a monster character yet, though I will probably do some soon. I'm still stuck on my concept for the story, mainly because of what Jared said about it being a bit childish.

Any, here are my thoughts on the drawings. Most recent pics are at the top, older pics are further down.

A more finalized series of sketches of the 2D ghost. Heavily inspired by Scott Pilgrim and Danny Phantom (colours and pixelation of ghost's tail)
More finalized version of boy. Have decided that his name will probably be Blake, after one of the band members of The Submarines (yep, the band that plays "1940")
Early drawings of Blake. He is black/mixed-race because I wanted this to be more multi-cultural. I haven't designed many black characters either, so I figured it might be a nice opportunity for me to have a go.
Early ghost sketches, experimenting with size and shape. Inspired by Medusa from "Little Mermaid"
More designs, that inspired more finalized ghost pic above. Haunter from "pokemon" was a big influence here.

First drawings of ghost and boy. Sketch of exaggerated bed as well.

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