Monday, 20 September 2010

Research - Stopit and Tidyup

"Stopit and Tidyup" is an animated series that appeared on the BBC channel during the late 80s. The company called CMTB Animation, led by the masterminds Charles Mills and Terry Brain, were behind the kids' program, and managed to create 13 episodes, each featuring a different sub character as the main plot for the short animation. Below is one of the 13 episodes they made.

The children's program featured many different monster characters that were named after phrases your parents would tell you as a child. Other names of characters include "Comb Your Hair", "Brush Your Teeth" and the big bad "I Said No!". The characters would take on a certain personality, depending on the names they were given. Let me use the two main characters as an example. Tidyup was rather level headed and well behaved, and would try to stabilize the other rather crazy monster characters. Stopit was a ball of energy that would often be rather naughty, often not knowing when to stop is silly antics.

Here's a nice illustration of all the characters by staceyw on DeviantArt, which can be found here!

I used to watch this program when I was very little, and it used to scare me a bit. The way some of the characters moved and the noises they made used to frighten me. However, I still enjoyed watching it, because of the colourful mix of different characters.

This animated kids program had many redeeming features. The narrator is none other than the great Terry Wogan, who adds a real flair to the kooky tales. Also, the cel-animated style is like no other animation series I have seen.

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